Chakra Qigong for Everyone How to Balance, Strengthen and Nourish Your Chakras

The simple formula of Qigong for everyone is an amazingly powerful energizer, both physically and emotionally.  It puts you in good spirits.  You are in touch with your inner wisdom.  You get more effective with your goals and relationships.  Here’s the formula:

  • Fill out a self-assessment check list for each Chakra
  • Learn their basic attributes: location, color, spin, etc.
  • Add your personal key words
  • Put that together with an easy-to-do Qigong dance

Your check list tells you which of your Chakras are doing well

and which ones may need a little assistance for better balance.

You will learn how to rev them up for better, higher, more fulfilling function.

At the end of these 7 weeks, you will feel

revitalized, replenished and radiant!

Oct. 15 – Nov. 26 – Tues – 6:30-9PM $490.00

Heartwood – 1818 Dempster – Evanston

To register, call or email: 847-975-7959;

Early Bird Special – $445.00 – by Oct. 4

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