Chakras are vibrational orbs of energy located at specific areas of the body. They regulate your energy and activate the life force within you.  When you increase the power of your chakras’ vibrations, you amp up the energy that improves health and happiness, and you build mental strength and spiritual fitness.

The 1st, or Root Chakra is located at the floor of the pelvis at the base of the tailbone, and is associated with the adrenals.  It represents stability, life, and existence itself.  It helps ground your spiritual nature into your material existence.  The more you ground yourself, the greater your chance of developing into the person you would like to become, and of making your dreams real.  This first level enables you ‘to be’ and ‘to have.’ It entrusts you to love and take care of yourself, your body and your physical needs.

The 2nd, or Navel Chakra is located all around the navel, and is associated with the ovaries/testicles.  It develops your sense of boundary and enables you to understand what will enhance and enrich your life.  It represents love, perception, sensitivity and protection.  At this level, extra-sensory awareness begins to develop, and you learn to how to feel the world from the viewpoint of another.  This second level of development enables you ‘to feel’ and to pursue gratification.  It entrusts you to care about others, as well as yourself.

The 3rd, or Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the solar plexus and is associated with the pancreas.  It represents hope, justice and fairness.  It gives you your self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, decision-making ability and personal power.  Developing this chakra allows you to make satisfying and healthy relationships.  This chakra enables you to act.  It equips you to accept yourself, and entrusts you to have best wishes, not only for another, but truly for the whole world.

The 4th, or Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest at the heart area, and is associated with the thymus gland.  It represents peace, faith and compassion.  It brings you into unity and kinship with the entire universe.  It expands your love and understanding to the point of accepting the entire world.  This level of development enables you ‘to love and be loved.’  It entrusts you with loving all of creation as though it were you (see the Root Chakra).

The 5th, or Throat Chakra is located at the level of the Adam’s Apple, and is associated with the thyroid gland.  It channels mental energy to your mind and heart, giving a voice to your feelings, thoughts and experiences.  It represents truth, communication, integrity, self-expression and creativity. When you reach the potential of control and authority possible at the Fifth Chakra, you master the Law of Attraction.  This level of development enables you to speak and be heard, as well as the ability to listen deeply and to hear truly.  It entrusts you to control yourself and your surroundings.

The 6th, or Third Eye Chakra is located at the forehead, just above and between the eyes, and is associated with the pituitary gland (some say the pineal gland).  It allows you to be simultaneously aware of your inner state and the state of the world around you.  It represents wisdom, knowledge, intuition, discernment, imagination, goal and time.  When developed, it gives you the ability to clearly see what is important for your happiness and well-being, and connects you to your goal and purpose.  This level of development enables you ‘to see’ and to self-reflect.

The 7th, or Crown Chakra is located just above the top of the head, and is associated with the pineal gland (some say the pituitary gland).  It provides a point of connection to an abiding sense of peace and joy, based in the knowledge that you are one with Source.  It represents beauty, spirituality, connection with the Divine Source and existence in God.  This level enables you ‘to know.’  It entrusts with self-knowledge and aligning your will with your divine guidance and inspiration.


The first written references to chakras are found in India’s most ancient sacred texts, the Vedas (circa 1,500 BCE) and the Upanishads (circa 600 BCE).  However, it was not until the translations of 10th and 16th Century texts by an Englishman, Arthur Avalon, that the information came to the West in 1919.  Chakras are most commonly linked with the science and practice of yoga.  As yoga flourishes in the West, chakra development becomes increasingly sought out.


By increasing the vibratory rate of your chakras, you upgrade the power and quality of all your functions.  You amplify the energy that improves health and happiness.  You build mental and spiritual strength and fitness.  Chakra Development results in a renewed zest for life and a sense of inner sturdiness.  You synchronize your body and mind and make them compatible.  Your energy is more easily revitalized and your spiritual nature can begin to blossom.  This gentle, gradual opening of consciousness brings a new optimism and appreciation for your life and the possibilities that await.


Usually, all the chakras are operating together, though some may function more or less optimally than others.  When they are weak or out of alignment, you will commonly experience physical and emotional symptoms:

  •  1st – Obesity, anorexia, sciatica, constipation, fear, survival
  •  2nd – Sexual problems, urinary trouble, guilt, desire
  •  3rd – Digestion, chronic fatigue, hypertension, shame, will
  •  4th –  Asthma, coronary or lung disease, grief, love
  •  5th – Sore throats, neck & shoulder pain, thyroid, lies, communication
  •  6th – Vision, headaches, nightmares, illusion, intuition
  •  7th – Depression, alienation, confusion, attachment, understanding

Chakra Development diminishes these irregularities.  It promotes health and balance throughout the Chakra System.  Some of the benfits are:

  •  Diminished symptoms
  •  Increased mental clarity
  •  Power and stamina in your mind and body, heart and soul
  •  Energy reserves for the activities and challenges of everyday life
  •  Less reaction to stress
  •  Less fatigue
  •  Overall sense of well-being


Chakra Development is how you acquire the skills to activate and upgrade your Chakras.  It is available in two formats:

  1.  Seven Classes, 3 hours each, that meet once a week
  •  The benefit of the weekly course is that you have time during the week to practice and integrate the experience and information.
  • This format allows for a deeper understanding and more clearing of blockages.
  1.  2-Day Workshop that meets from 10:00-5:30, usually on a weekend
  •  The 2-day format benefits those who are not available for the 7-wk course. All the information is covered, but there is less time for self-discovery and clearing out.
  •  Both formats provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, and to learn from your classmates’ questions as well, which is a benefit that cannot be overestimated.

Topics include:

  •  Building the Crystal Mountain
  •  Spinning the Seven Chakras
  •  Activating the Eight Directions of Yin & Yang

You learn methods for increasing the vibrational strength and spin of your Chakras.  These practices remove blockages and promote the flow of healthy energy throughout your mind and body, heart and soul.

By the completion, you have a practice that is so flexible you can do it all at once in less than a half hour, or you can break it up throughout the day, doing a few minutes here and a few minutes there.  This practice is simple, yet it deepens very quickly.  Over time, you will find that it is very effective and quite profound.

I give thanks and acknowledgement to Gregory Anthuin,

the “shaman without a drum”

who taught this to me and gave me permission to teach it to others.


As a teacher, I like the mood in the classroom to be relaxed and light-hearted, yet focused.  I encourage participants to bring forward their eagerness to learn and to respect all who are present.  I prepare and organize the material so that each segment builds on the previous one.  My knowledge base in the subject matter is always greater than the class material.  I make time for questions and give answers in several ways for clearer understanding.  I provide hand-outs so that  you can continue practicing at home what  you have learned.

In a class such as Chakra Development, I create an atmosphere for you to get an actual physical sensation of the subtle energies of the Chakras using specific exercises that I specially designed.  I generate an alpha state induction technique taken from my shamanic studies to lead you through the exercises.  This allows you to raise the level of your brainwave activity so that you have a first-hand experience.  You have time during class to express and record your experience to make sure it is easy for you to recall your sensations.  Time for sharing with the group also gives you the opportunity to inspire, and be inspired by, your classmates.  You may find yourself deeply touched.  I always am.