MY FAVORITE SPRING CLEANSE And more, all for Liver & Gall Bladder

This is my favorite because of how it makes me feel. Plus, I like how you can add orange juice to the Breakfast Cocktail because it goes down so much easier. You may need to make a little effort in the planning, but it’s worth it.

Breakfast Cocktail: 3 T cold pressed olive oil
                                                1–2 cloves fresh garlic
                                                Juice of 1 lemon
                                                Juice of 1 orange (optional)
Mix the above ingredients in a blender and drink this for breakfast.  [If you do not have a blender, chop the garlic finely and stir the mixture, or shake the ingredients in a closed jar.  In this case, it is best to chew the garlic bits before swallowing.]
Herb Tea:  Half an hour to an hour after drinking the cocktail, follow with 2 C warm herb tea.  Suggested teas include peppermint, comfrey leaf, fenugreek seed, roasted dandelion root and ginger root.  Take teas alone or in combinations.  Do not sweeten.
Brunch:  Have a fruit meal early in the day.  The fruit should be fresh, such as grapefruit, oranges, apples, pears, grapes, papayas, melons, or any fruit in season.  Eat fruits alone or combine similar fruits into fruit salads.  For example, do not combine acid fruits with sweet fruits, and eat melons alone.  Be sure to rinse fruits and vegetables thoroughly, and obtain organically grown food whenever possible.  Do not add dressings or sweeteners.
Lunch, Dinner, Supper:  Eat fresh vegetables and sprouts, cooked and/or raw.  For example, have a salad for one meal with loose-leaf lettuce, sprouts, chopped spinach, green onions, grated carrots, celery, and/or other vegetables.  Use a homemade oil-and-lemon or oil-and-vinegar dressing.  Add herbs if desired.  Another meal might be steamed vegetables.  You may mix several vegetables together, being sure to start with slower cooking vegetables.  Vegetable soups are also excellent.  A small amount of melted butter (not margarine) or cold-pressed oil over the vegetables is fine.  Be sure to include a variety, such as broccoli, carrots, beets, asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, green beans, corn, etc.
Avoid the following foods while on the diet:  All meats; seafood; eggs; dairy (milk, cheeses); bread and flour products; sugar, honey, or other sweeteners; peanuts, nuts and nut butters; cooked grains; and fried foods.
Occasionally, once or twice a week it is all right to have some unsweetened yogurt with a fruit salad, or a cooked grain with a vegetable meal.  Foods to shy away from on this diet include potatoes, bananas, and fruit juices (in excess of a small glass).
Eat as much as you like of the foods in this diet and be sure to drink plenty of water.  Consider getting bottled water for purity and to drink a half-gallon or more per day.

Stanley Burroughs’ Master Cleanser

  • 2 T fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice
  • 1–2 T 100% maple syrup
  • 1/10 tsp. cayenne pepper
  • 8 oz. spring water
Combine all ingredients and drink 8–12 glasses throughout the day. It is important to keep the bowels moving during a liver and/or gall bladder cleanse.  A tablespoon of cold-pressed olive oil, twice a day, lubricates the intestines and tones the liver.
Caution:  Rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking to clear the lemon and maple syrup from your teeth.  The ascorbic and citric acids can pull calcium from tooth enamel, and we all know the effect of sugar on teeth!  [If you tote this mixture with you during the day, be sure to carry it in a glass container.  It is possible that the acids from the lemon could cause a chemical reaction with a plastic container that would allow toxins to leach into it.]

Internal Salt Water Bath Intestinal Cleanse

  • 2 level tsp. sea salt
  • 1 qt. lukewarm spring water
Drink the whole quart of salted water first thing in the morning.  Do not eat until 1–2 hours after, during which time your bowels should move a couple of times.  Drink a laxative tea in the morning and before bed (you can find packaged tea bags in your health food store, or you can make your own).  Do this every other day while cleansing, adjusting the salt as necessary.  If you evacuate only a little, add a bit more salt.  If you evacuate too much, or if the mixture makes you too thirsty, reduce the amount of salt a little.  You may exercise lightly during this cleanse, but it is best to rest.  You will definitely want a bathroom nearby!
caution:  People with high blood pressure, or with a tendency toward edema (swelling), should use caution with this method.  However, the liquid should be in balance with the body’s fluids, so it usually passes through the intestines without salt or water absorption.

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