The EARTH ELEMENT Personality Are You The Earth-Type?

The time betwIndian Summereen seasons, or Indian Summer, is the time of the Earth Element according to Asian medicine. It is simultaneously the end of one phase and the start of another. In late summer, the rhythm is still kind of lazy, though a vague and gentle stirring begins. We remember something we have been procrastinating about, or something we have been planning to do but have not yet gotten to. We feel like getting started on it. We may think about getting back to yoga or taking a new class. These thoughts are not pressing at this stage, but rather dreamy and pleasant in nature – the state of relaxed alertness, of perfect balance between rest and activity. In this state, we know our true desires and what we want to do to achieve them. Some can manifest quickly, and others may take time. In any case, we find momentum for them in the Fall.

Mother Earth gives us food, shelter and clothing and is the support we stand on. The EARTH ELEMENT is all about nourishment. It is associated with the stomach and “digestive juices” like acids and enzymes. Its main functions are digestion and nurturance – including the balance between nurturing and being nurtured – “the one who tends the fields reaps the harvest.”

Stomach in knots

Shiatsu is a recommended

treatment strategy for

digestive difficulties

Just as the Earth Element expresses itself physically by the digestive process, it is expressed mentally by keenness of mind – the ability to think clearly, to concentrate or study, and generally process information. Consider everyday expressions like “food for thought,” “a lot of information to digest,” or “let me chew it over for a while.”

The Earth-type Person In balance, the Earth person is basically strong, relaxed and at ease, “earthy” and self-possessed, stable and well-rounded. These people truly appreciate all the sensual delights – good food, the beauty of nature, physical affection and the comfort of family. They have satisfying relationships with family, friends and community. Out of balance the Earth person may experience difficulties with digestion, such as heartburn and belching, slow digestion, inability to taste food, dry or sticky mouth, nausea and vomiting. Problems with appetite may occur on both sides of the spectrum, either loss of appetite or over-eating. They may tend to think too much or have trouble concentrating. When studying hard for exams, students frequently exhibit an Earth imbalance.


Exam time is a good time to seek Shiatsu treatment.

It helps increase mental capacity,

improve concentration,

relax the mind and ease anxiety  

The common wisdom of Asian medicine recommends getting a Shiatsu treatment at least four times a year at the change of seasons

Recommendations for the Earth Season – Earth is all about nurturance, including the balance between nurturing and being nurtured. We nurture our families, our friends and ourselves by the food we eat and the thoughts we think. What about getting nurtured? Asian medicine recognizes that the transition between seasons is known to be a time of delicate balance for health. Customary recommendations for the season are to eat well, rest deeply during sleep, and receive a few shiatsu or acupuncture treatments aimed at maintaining a harmonious balance of body, mind and spirit. Asian bodywork such as Shiatsu is considered one of the most beneficial treatments for health maintenance. The common wisdom of Asian medicine recommends getting a Shiatsu treatment at least four times a year, especially at the change of seasons.