THE MAGIC OF MANUAL MEDICINE: Precise, Precious and Profound Residential Workshop Retreat – September 16-19, 2021 – Siena Retreat Center – Racine, WI

Once again, we have the good fortune of coming together in a most beautiful and extraordinary place on the shores of Lake Michigan. Not only is the external environment at Siena lovely and peaceful, but it’s true of the inside environment, as well. For, while we are studying and practicing shiatsu, nuns are continually praying that we have a deep and uplifting experience. It is quite special.



In my newsletter last September, I spoke about taking note of the opportunity for change we were being given as a result of the novel corona virus pandemic. I talked about heeding the lessons. I said that rather than “pivoting” from what we do, we should, instead, go deeper into our work.

So, for this year’s Residential Workshop Retreat, we’re not going to focus on any new techniques (though I will teach some). We’re going to leave the old paradigm behind. We won’t just add more and more techniques. Instead, we’ll adopt a new paradigm that encompasses more understanding, perception, insight and empathy. We’ll focus on developing more feeling, receptiveness, intuition, responsiveness, sensitivity, and subtlety. These are the qualities we really need in a health and healing practice – and what our clients ask us for and rely on.



What we’re undertaking here is the self-development aspect of the practitioner. It’s how the “Barefoot Doctors” of the original medicine practiced. You might remember learning that the trained practitioners of old were expected to know much more than the anatomy and physiology of the body, and more than the energetics of the points, channels and organs. Our current academic model sees that as the complete education. In actuality, all of that was considered the preliminary fundamentals. After that, practitioners were expected to become artists and poets. And, after that, philosophers. Finally, the true “doctor” was a wise sage.

We are going to head in that direction in this 4-day intensive.

We’re embracing wisdom and creative expression as

customary standards in the healing arts.

You will:

  • Discover and expand your psychic skills (we all have them!)
  • Identify your unique physical, emotional, mental and psychic talents
  • Recognize their accompanying strengths and limitations
  • Learn methods to discover any blocks to that process, and how to clear them
  • Gain insight into how your client feels (what it feels like to be your client)
  • Develop the ability to create new techniques, on the spot, that are tailored to the uniqueness of your client’s immediate needs
  • Create new techniques that suit your style of practice according to your talents, strengths and limitations
  • Reinforce your foundational footings for centering yourself
  • Learn to use your will, emotions, and mental focus in a specific way
  • Establish an energetic matrix to support the Field of your Presence and prevent fatigue and burn-out



In addition, we will upskill your ability to:

  • Modify shiatsu techniques in a variety of ways
  • Grid the client’s energetic field
  • Discern differences between meridian energy and other types of energy
  • Recognize the difference between physical & emotional energy in a meridian
  • Experience and assess expansive and contractive states of energy
  • Align your body for working in the expansive state
  • Heighten, deepen and strengthen your senses
  • Interpret the Kyo/Jitsu information from the Hara diagnosis
  • Confidently direct your client’s energy to balance and harmonize
  • Establish a repeatable beneficial change in your client’s energy pattern
  • Review and refine meridian locations and angles of palpation (the #1 essential, on-going/never-ending practice of dedicated practitioners!)


So, this year’s retreat is all about developing your instrument, which is your hand, as projected through your SELF. YOU are what makes your treatment work. It’s not the technique that does it. Good technique certainly helps, but it’s not the magic. YOU ARE THE MAGIC. YOU are the instrument. It feels so good to develop your instrument!


That’s the lesson this past year’s pandemic has brought us. If the learning curve is steep, it’s also compelling. The magic works when we have our head in the right place and we’re focused on the healing message that we receive and transmit. We’re seeking to successfully hold space for our client’s healing. So, we want to be sure that our mindset is conducive and non-judgmental, and that our focus is keen. And each new level we reach brings so much satisfaction.

We are certainly a singular group of folks with a unique and distinctive way of viewing the world. So, being together again at Siena, sharing this perspective, is all the more gladdening.




The prices have been left at the 2020 rate in consideration of any financial constrictions people may have incurred as a result of the pandemic. That means early registration of $697.00* gets you:

  • Private room with private bath
  • 3 meals a day
  • 26 hours of instruction
  • Workshop packet

*Details of payment plans and options coming in the May 1 newsletter. If you want to know before that, you can email me at


So, let’s gather at the Siena Retreat Center in September!

Let’s study, practice, collaborate and celebrate our precious medicine together again.


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