It is said that no instrument will ever surpass the precision and sensitivity of the human hand for assessing energy and being able to determine the condition of a person’s health. Nor has any instrument the capability to transmit compassion. But the human hand does possess it.

The Old Ways are ever new. These are timeless practices suited to modern life. They touch you and bring healing at every level. The exceptional thing about traditional medicine is that – when practiced as intended – it is truly a “living medicine.” It develops and transforms from its ancient roots to encompass modern times. In the face of new demands from the current society, the medicine actually expands. It opens to meet you – and to treat you – mind and body, heart and soul!

I have been extremely fortunate in finding mentors with a breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding that goes beyond technique. It is my delight, indeed my honor and privilege, to share ~ both in the treatment room and in the classroom ~ the knowledge and skills I have gained from my decades of training and experience.




Acupuncture Without Needles

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