The REAL Kyo/Jitsu Diagnosis The 3 types of KYO & 3 types of JITSU

March 8 – 29  

Thursdays from 11am – 2pm

Heartwood  ~ 1818 Dempster  ~  Evanston


The most common understanding of the Kyo/Jitsu diagnosis is that it tells you which two meridians to work on. But should you really treat only two meridians? When kyo and jitsu resonate together, they suggest something completely different – a unique independent energy that is neither the Kyo nor the Jitsu! That new energy is what you want to treat – it’s your real diagnosis. And . . . there are:

  • 3 types of kyo
  • 3 types of jitsu
  • Ways to treat each

In this 4-week course, you will:

  • Identify 3 types of Kyo & Jitsu
  • Find the Kyo/Jitsu reaction in the Hara
  • Use deeper yet painless penetration with less effort
  • Deduce the one singular diagnostic meaning of the Kyo/Jitsu diagnosis
  • Modify quality of touch for desired treatment outcomes



$227.00  by March 1  ***   $272.00 after March 1

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