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TAKING YOUR HEALING ART TO THE NEXT LEVEL Cultivating your SELF as a healing instrument

In the stream of Light – healing at the next level


Now that the world is opening back up again, we seem to be trying so hard to “get back to normal.” But what about the new normal? Remember when everyone was talking about that? I can’t be the only one who believes it is unwise to act as if we can “go back,” can I?! I think there is a better way for us, as bodyworkers, to go. I call it “taking your healing art to the next level.”

We’ve been through an inconceivable year+, and we’re still unsure of what’s around the corner. Everything has changed. And there’s no going back to how it used to be. Not really.

So, we’re still asking these burning questions that continue to smolder:

  • What about that subtle “something more” feeling that’s gestating inside me?
  • How do I fulfill the urge to up-level myself – and my work?
  • Can I satisfy my hunger for a meaningful and beautiful way to let that “something” emerge?
  • Am I ready to energize and activate myself as a healing instrument?


What touch therapists both crave and struggle with


Accepting gifts to cultivate yourself as a healing instrument

As touch therapists (practitioners of shiatsu, anma, massage, yoga therapy, Reiki, Thai massage, etc.), we often get “messages” while we’re working with our clients. We may not have words for the sensations we feel, or we may dismiss the feelings because they don’t fit into our knowledge base. Our hands may even want to perform a technique we’ve never been taught.

Sometimes these brainstorms excite us. Other times they confuse us. At times, we dare to go with it. Or, we may doubt ourselves too much to try. When these choices/challenges arise, we typically have one or more of these common responses:

  • Why can’t I be more confident in my insight, intuition and guidance?
  • What keeps me from venturing into my untapped potential and mastery? I know there’s more in me!
  • I feel ready to take a risk, but I feel afraid to do it, too
  • I’d love to get past this uncertainty
  • I wish I didn’t feel so drained after a day of sessions
  • Wow, I wonder why I feel so good after a session
  • I wish I knew what was going on

If some of these thoughts pop up for you – or if you already trust your insights and inspirations but feel ready to bump yourself up a notch or two – I have something to share about taking your healing art to the next level that I think will interest you.

What I know so far

There is a cherished treasure chest of knowledge and skills that I have learned from my awesome mentors. Over the years, I have applied their teachings to my practice with wholehearted dedication. And I’ve discovered extra value that I did not anticipate. These practices actually advance your evolution – as a practitioner . . . and as a human being!

Cultivate your SELF

It has become my fervent desire to share these teachings. I want to pass along these precious jewels in hopes that everyone will find the ever-flowing fortune offered by their richness. That’s why this year’s residential workshop retreat is called: The Magic of Manual Medicine: Precise, Precious and Profound.



This retreat is for a practitioners who want to:
  • Tune-in to your inner wisdom
  • Explore and expand your intuitive knowing
  • Amplify your Sixth Sense(s)
  • Cleanse and strengthen your energetic field
  • Install protections for your energetic field
  • Open your clients to their own healing
  • Meet your spirit helpers
  • Learn practices to keep you connected to Spirit
  • Experience the profound power of that connection
  • Use it to facilitate healing experiences for your clients
  • Gain new wisdom, depth and clarity
  • Learn to alter your vibrational speed and strength as needed for your work
  • Bring about personal and professional growth at the deepest levels

Early registration opens soon. To receive notification, email Grandmother at


What a 4-day workshop retreat is like at Siena


“WORK, yes. But learn to play just as hard as you work! Learn to relax.”          – Edgar Cayce

When you are a touch therapist assisting in the healing of others, you need to receive nourishment for your own body and soul, as well. You have to rest and restore yourself. You need to refresh your creativity and renew your motivation. And, every so often, you need to recharge your practice.

Taking your healing art to the next level depends on receiving healing for yourself, as well as offering it to others. So, although the 4-day schedule is ambitious, the amount of meditation and guided visualization in the curriculum will infuse you with spirit, clear your mind and calm your heart.

Add to this, the unparalleled comfort of hanging out with like-minded peers. We forget how much we appreciate this. The way we can unwind with each other is quite special . . . so natural and spontaneous, and so needed!

Getting what you need/knead

                                                                                                                             And, don’t forget, everyone will be getting bodywork, too.


So, yes, there is a lot available to relax and delight the senses. But there is plenty of class time to delight the mind, as well. Although I will be demonstrating new techniques, we will mostly be working with information and techniques you already know. However, we’ll be redesigning them.

The goal of these four days is to transform and empower what you learned and re-create it in the image of what your higher wisdom knows.

So, get ready to take in some mind-blowing, mind-altering new concepts and paradigms. But don’t worry – you’ll want to inhale them because they’ll feel like the breath of fresh air you’ve been longing for.


This residential workshop retreat is for you if you want to:
  • Be done with hiding who you are, or doing only what you’re “supposed to do”
  • Get beyond the inevitable reticence or fear of showing up; of bringing your full power to your work (btw, power encompasses softness and compassion, as well as strength)
  • Expand and up-level your skill set
  • Expand and up-level your concepts of healing
  • Take the challenge to progress and advance yourself
  • Align yourself with your guidance

Enrollment is limited to 12 participants. If you are drawn to what you’ve been reading and feel in your heart that it’s time for you to go for it in this moment, then see below to register for

The Magic of Manual Medicine: Precise, Precious and Profound

There’s no better time for taking your healing art to the next level






A Zoom link will go out only to people who are interested in attending (as opposed to the entire newsletter list). If you would like to attend the webinar,


The webinar will be interactive, so you will have a chance to ask questions. Sending an email ensures that you will receive a Zoom link in your inbox a few days before the event.


THE MAGIC OF MANUAL MEDICINE Residential Workshop Retreat includes:

  • Private Room & Bath
  • 3 Meals Per Day
  • 27 Hours of Instruction
  • Spiral Bound Study Guide
  • 27 CEUs (NCBTMB)

Dates and times: 7:00 PM, Thursday, Sept. 16 – 3:00 PM, Sunday, Sept. 19

Location: Siena Retreat Center, on Lake Michigan in Racine, WI

Limited Enrollment: 12 participants

Investment: $697.00 – $830.00, depending on enrollment date (see below)


Payment must accompany registration and may be paid by cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or credit card (additional processing fee of $30.00 for cc). The earlier you register, the bigger your savings.


Your investment, according to registration date:


$697.00 8/12/21
$769.00 8/27/21
$830.00 9/10/21

Payment plans are available. If you choose to utilize this option, the first payment is due by 7/21/21. For more information, including refund info, contact Grandmother at  or 847-975-7959.


Check out previous newsletters for more info about the workshop retreat:

MORE MAGIC OF MANUAL MEDICINE Residential Workshop Retreat – September 16-19, 2021 – Siena Retreat Center – Racine, WI

still your mind and heart to activate your manual magic
listen to the wind, the silence, your heart

Have you been going through anything similar to my friends in the bodywork field, myself included? Feeling like there’s “something more” being asked of you in your practice? It’s been a little intense, right? The events we’ve all been through this past year have certainly changed us. They’ve collectively slowed us down and given us an opportunity to revisit our attitudes, beliefs, morals and ideals. That’s definitely been the case for many of us in the healing arts. My friends and I have been talking to each other about a growing awareness of a subtle (or not-so-subtle) urge to change the way we work. Though just exactly how to do that is not quite clear yet. Sound familiar?

In this work that we do, we all go through our own processes of development, progression and evolution. I know this, and yet, I often feel agitated or anxious when it happens. Do you? I guess that’s just human nature. No matter how much we may crave something new, we don’t really embrace change. We may not be clear – and certainly not comfortable – in the midst of transitioning from one state to the next. Sometimes we may even try to push away those uncomfortable feelings, rather than face them.

Well, please forgive me, but I feel compelled to remind you of a couple of things you already know, only too well:

    1. that the only way out is through, and
    2. paying attention to, and appreciating everything that affects you is what brings you relief

And, remember, too, that nothing is ever lost, because whatever falls away is eventually reborn, renewed and recreated in some way.



Over the past year, I’ve been praying and meditating on all of that. I can certainly sense the energy of the “new paradigm” everyone is talking about. It has significantly changed what I think and do when I’m treating, counseling and teaching. And it has certainly upgraded my own energy, including the breadth and depth of my intuitive awareness. I’ve been so moved by it all that it’s in my heart to share with you what I’ve learned. So, here’s what this year’s residential workshop retreat is all about:

hand radiates energy
hand radiates energy
  • Taking your existing knowledge and skills and re-birthing them into their next incarnation
  • Giving them renewed meaning with broader context and perspective
  • Recreating your hands, including how they transmit healing
  • It’s about your magical hands

There is a power in learning to be present in the discomfort of transition. It’s empowering to be able to work with it, especially when we’re considering some kind of change in our practice. Can you look at yourself – at your client – with different eyes? Can you shift from a laser beam focus to a soft gaze? It’s like looking at one of those Magic Eye pictures. You’re looking at a drawing on a 2-dimesional piece of paper, and then, by softening your gaze, you’re suddenly drawn into a 3-dimsional world, looking at a completely different picture. You see an entirely different landscape.

The plan for the MAGIC OF MANUAL MEDICINE: Precise, Precious and Profound is to:

  • Employ that soft gaze as you work on your client
  • Notice entirely new possibilities for their treatment

If your experience is anything like my own, besides seeing your client more fully, you will be able to use this ability to look at what’s ahead for you in your practice, as well. I expect you will come through this period of transition and uncertainty (which almost everyone is going through) with new wisdom, greater compassion, and a deeper understanding of the contribution you can make.

magic is the higher understanding of nature
nature is magic

So, if you are one of us who is feeling the upgrade of energy we are receiving in these exciting times; if you want to receive and integrate more of this transforming energy; if you want to allow it in to have a positive impact on your abilities; if you want to learn to harness it for healing purposes; if you want to magnify the shaman and healer within you; then, this is your workshop.

your gifts are your magic
standing in your field of magic

This residential workshop retreat will invite you through the door that opens to your own unique field of guidance. When you step into it, you will recognize the gifts waiting for you there as your own. And you will be given all the necessary space needed to develop them. They are your strengths, talents and unique abilities. They’ve been given specially to you as your gifts of healing. 


They are your magic.

They are meant for you.

And they are meant for you to share.



  • Usher you through your doorway
  • Heighten your perception
  • Train your soft gaze
  • Show you how to adjust your frequency and vibration to integrate a new paradigm of energies
  • Recreate your manual skills to align with the new energy
  • Help you rethink your interpretation of meridian diagnosis
  • Expand your thoughts regarding treatment goals
  • Offer techniques in alignment with the new energy
  • Discuss treatment strategies for various types of clients  


You will find information on more of the possible topics to be covered in this previous newsletter: THE MAGIC OF MANUAL MEDICINE

Additionally, there will be more detail coming in the next couple of newsletters. They will be published on Litha (Summer Solstice) and Lughnasa (August 1), so stay tuned.

The Newsletter comes out 8 times a year. To get on the email list, click here or click the button of the bottom of the post.



Dates and times: 7:00 PM, Thursday, Sept. 16 – 3:00 PM, Sunday, Sept. 19

Location: Siena Retreat Center, on Lake Michigan in Racine, WI

Limited Enrollment: 12 participants

Investment: $697.00 – $830.00, depending on enrollment date (see below)


The MAGIC OF MANUAL MEDICINE Residential Workshop Retreat includes:

  • Private Room & Bath
  • 3 Meals Per Day
  • 27 Hours of Instruction
  • Spiral Bound Study Guide
  • 27 CEUs (NCBTMB)

Payment must accompany registration and may be paid by: cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or credit card (additional processing fee of $30.00 for cc). The earlier you register, the bigger your savings.

Your investment, according to registration date:

$697.00 8/12/21
$769.00 8/27/21
$830.00 9/10/21


Payment plans are available. If you choose this option, the first payment is due by 7/21/21. For more information, including refund info, contact Grandmother at  or 847-975-7959.



Even if you aren’t ready to make  payment, it’s a good idea to get your name on the list. The class is intentionally kept small so that I can give you the individual attention your unique development is primed and organized for. If this workshop is speaking to you . . . NO NEED TO HESITATE! Contact me at  or 847-975-7959.



THE MAGIC OF MANUAL MEDICINE: Precise, Precious and Profound Residential Workshop Retreat – September 16-19, 2021 – Siena Retreat Center – Racine, WI

Once again, we have the good fortune of coming together in a most beautiful and extraordinary place on the shores of Lake Michigan. Not only is the external environment at Siena lovely and peaceful, but it’s true of the inside environment, as well. For, while we are studying and practicing shiatsu, nuns are continually praying that we have a deep and uplifting experience. It is quite special.



In my newsletter last September, I spoke about taking note of the opportunity for change we were being given as a result of the novel corona virus pandemic. I talked about heeding the lessons. I said that rather than “pivoting” from what we do, we should, instead, go deeper into our work.

So, for this year’s Residential Workshop Retreat, we’re not going to focus on any new techniques (though I will teach some). We’re going to leave the old paradigm behind. We won’t just add more and more techniques. Instead, we’ll adopt a new paradigm that encompasses more understanding, perception, insight and empathy. We’ll focus on developing more feeling, receptiveness, intuition, responsiveness, sensitivity, and subtlety. These are the qualities we really need in a health and healing practice – and what our clients ask us for and rely on.



What we’re undertaking here is the self-development aspect of the practitioner. It’s how the “Barefoot Doctors” of the original medicine practiced. You might remember learning that the trained practitioners of old were expected to know much more than the anatomy and physiology of the body, and more than the energetics of the points, channels and organs. Our current academic model sees that as the complete education. In actuality, all of that was considered the preliminary fundamentals. After that, practitioners were expected to become artists and poets. And, after that, philosophers. Finally, the true “doctor” was a wise sage.

We are going to head in that direction in this 4-day intensive.

We’re embracing wisdom and creative expression as

customary standards in the healing arts.

You will:

  • Discover and expand your psychic skills (we all have them!)
  • Identify your unique physical, emotional, mental and psychic talents
  • Recognize their accompanying strengths and limitations
  • Learn methods to discover any blocks to that process, and how to clear them
  • Gain insight into how your client feels (what it feels like to be your client)
  • Develop the ability to create new techniques, on the spot, that are tailored to the uniqueness of your client’s immediate needs
  • Create new techniques that suit your style of practice according to your talents, strengths and limitations
  • Reinforce your foundational footings for centering yourself
  • Learn to use your will, emotions, and mental focus in a specific way
  • Establish an energetic matrix to support the Field of your Presence and prevent fatigue and burn-out



In addition, we will upskill your ability to:

  • Modify shiatsu techniques in a variety of ways
  • Grid the client’s energetic field
  • Discern differences between meridian energy and other types of energy
  • Recognize the difference between physical & emotional energy in a meridian
  • Experience and assess expansive and contractive states of energy
  • Align your body for working in the expansive state
  • Heighten, deepen and strengthen your senses
  • Interpret the Kyo/Jitsu information from the Hara diagnosis
  • Confidently direct your client’s energy to balance and harmonize
  • Establish a repeatable beneficial change in your client’s energy pattern
  • Review and refine meridian locations and angles of palpation (the #1 essential, on-going/never-ending practice of dedicated practitioners!)


So, this year’s retreat is all about developing your instrument, which is your hand, as projected through your SELF. YOU are what makes your treatment work. It’s not the technique that does it. Good technique certainly helps, but it’s not the magic. YOU ARE THE MAGIC. YOU are the instrument. It feels so good to develop your instrument!


That’s the lesson this past year’s pandemic has brought us. If the learning curve is steep, it’s also compelling. The magic works when we have our head in the right place and we’re focused on the healing message that we receive and transmit. We’re seeking to successfully hold space for our client’s healing. So, we want to be sure that our mindset is conducive and non-judgmental, and that our focus is keen. And each new level we reach brings so much satisfaction.

We are certainly a singular group of folks with a unique and distinctive way of viewing the world. So, being together again at Siena, sharing this perspective, is all the more gladdening.




The prices have been left at the 2020 rate in consideration of any financial constrictions people may have incurred as a result of the pandemic. That means early registration of $697.00* gets you:

  • Private room with private bath
  • 3 meals a day
  • 26 hours of instruction
  • Workshop packet

*Details of payment plans and options coming in the May 1 newsletter. If you want to know before that, you can email me at


So, let’s gather at the Siena Retreat Center in September!

Let’s study, practice, collaborate and celebrate our precious medicine together again.




It is too early to know what cocktail of nutrients is the best to counter Covid-19. But we do know that several nutrients have shown promising effects for common colds, influenza and other respiratory infections. With that in mind, we’re offering 7 Tips To Build Your Immunity. They will help strengthen you against ALL viruses this winter. We’ve included a list of foods. And there are 6 links to valuable information. So, you will easily learn which foods and supplements to consider incorporating into your diet. Finally, there is a homeopathic remedy. It’s been specially formulated to keep your health and immunity strong through this winter and pandemic.

On a personal note: I’m taking a gazillion supplements  for the duration of this pandemic. Not only that, but  I’m also taking a homeopathic remedy, which I get from my naturopathic doctor. It comes in a small vial, and the dose is 10 tiny pellets, once a week. So if that sounds like a good plan to you, and you’d like to implement it into your health routine, you can order it from Dr. Kenton Anderson. His contact info is included for you at the bottom.


With many restaurants closed for indoor dining, why not take this opportunity to eat healthy foods at home, like:

  • citrus fruits
  • berries
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • mushrooms
  • red bell peppers
  • sweet potatoes
  • shellfish, beans
  • almonds
  • hazelnuts
  • peanut butter
  • turmeric
  • tea

If you have seniors in your life or in your home, you’ll want to be aware that these foods may be especially important for them because older adults often eat less of these nutrients. And, as we know, their age and health may put them at greater risk of dying from Covid-19.


mushrooms & garlic are two good fortifiers for the immune system


6 Foods to Eat to Help Prevent the Flu



vitamins & supplements have proven successful in building immunity

Common Supplements Might Reduce COVID Severity

COVID-19 and Supplements: What We Know Now

Zinc for the common cold

Vitamin D supplementation to prevent respiratory infections

For the homeopathic remedy, contact Dr. Kent Anderson, ND                                                                                                               847-866-8885



In 2014, the University of California at Irvine did a study called “90+” to discover the factors associated with living longer. Of the top four, two are expected and two are surprising.

• Exercise — 15 min/day makes a difference
• Socialize — the benefit never levels off
• Drink — up to 2 drinks/day reduces risk of death by 10-15%
• Gain weight — moderately overweight people live longer


So, go ahead and enjoy that second helping and top off the meal with an Irish coffee! 😁



Adrenal Support Good for stress




 1 lb green beans

1 C celery, chopped

3 zucchinis, sliced

1 medium onion, chopped

2 C tomato juice

2 C spring water

2 Tbsp raw honey

2 tsp paprika

2 C chicken broth

Any other spices to taste (pepper, garlic, etc.)


  1. Combine ingredients and simmer for 1 hr, just until veggies are tender.

– OR –

  1. Combine in a crockpot and let cook until veggies are tender.



Consume daily.




Chef’s Note: this recipe is surprisingly delish, AND, so very refreshing, plus it’s visually exciting! Use EITHER the mint or the cilantro, but don’t combine them in this recipe. Too, the SEASONED RICE WINE VINEGAR has just the right taste. You can use other vinegars, but it’s just not the same, I’ve tried it. Seedless varieties are the obvious choice for this recipe.

Chef’s Tip: if you wish to use the watermelon carcass itself as the serving bowl for this dish, slice off a thin slice from the underside of the watermelon, after washing the outside of the melon very well with a mixture of 1 Tbsp. vinegar and 2 cups water. This way, the “bowl” won’t roll around.


  • 1 small WATERMELON, seedless preferred, rinsed in mixture of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water, cut per instructions in Chef’s Tip above
  • 2 ENGLISH (seedless) or regular CUCUMBERS – peel, if not organic, and remove seeds from the regular cucumber using a large spoon, then cut into 1” square chunks to match size of watermelon chunks
  • 1/3 cup SEASONED RICE WINE VINEGAR — please please please don’t substitute other vinegars, it will adversely affect the overall flavor
  • ¼ cup FRESH MINT or FRESH CILANTRO — washed and rinsed well, then pinched into small pieces using your clean thumb and pointer finger nails
  • SEA SALT and freshly cracked BLACK PEPPER to taste


  1. Cut watermelon chunks and cucumber chunks into same size chunks and place in a non-reactive bowl (glass or plastic) and refrigerate until time to serve;
  2. Remove from refrigerator and finish with sprinkling of rice wine vinegar, salt and pepper and cilantro OR mint;
  3. Place salad in the carved out watermelon carcass, if using, or in a pretty bowl;
  4. Finish garnishing with fronds of mint or cilantro and serve well chilled.

This salad is such a fantastic summer salad and goes well with just about anything you would serve for dinner or lunch!

CHICKEN FRUIT SALAD A favorite recipe of Relief Society sisters in Pasadena, California

Mix together:

3 cups cooked diced chicken

2 1/2 cups seeded grapes that have been cup in half

2 cups diced celery

1 can of pineapple chucks, drained

1 can of mandarin oranges, drained


Blend until smooth:

1 1/2 cup mayonnaise

6 tablespoons milk

1 1/2 tablespoons chutney

1 1/2 teaspoons curry powder

1/4 teaspoons salt


Pour sauce over chicken mixture and refrigerate for a couple of hours.  Serve over lettuce with wedges of cantaloupe or other fruit on side.  Another option: serve on a croissant as a chicken salad sandwich.  Yummy!

Just a personal note about the recipe:  I decrease the curry amount – it is a little strong for me.  I also decrease the milk and mayo if I am serving it on rolls as a sandwich.

How Shiatsu Can Positively Enhance Your Life About Shiatsu & A Case Study Explored

lindy1Shiatsu, meaning “finger pressure,” is the practice of applying thumbs, fingers, palms or feet to pressure points, or meridians, as they’re called in ancient Asian medicine. Aside from the pressing, this type of treatment also focuses on stretching limbs and opening joints. As a type of healing therapy, it produces an effect of deep relaxation, increases energy levels and brings a state of balance to the body, among many other things. As several clients say, it helps them feel more “grounded, centered and self-aware.”

Shiatsu is a practice based on the traditions of ancient Asian medicine. The theory behind Shiatsu is that our bodies are made up of energy, called Qi, and this energy can get blocked and cause suffering within the body and mind. Shiatsu helps to remove blockages by clearing channels and acupoints, which balances the Qi and eases the body and mind. When Qi is balanced, healing occurs. The applied pressure stimulates both the nervous and immune systems, providing relief, while also restoring the circulatory system, improving blood flow.

lindy2A current client, named Christina G., has been receiving Shiatsu for approximately 18 months, at a rate of once every two to four weeks. At the start of her treatments, Christina was seeking the following:

  • Regularity in her menstrual cycle,
  • An increase in energy and stamina,
  • A decrease in daily anxiety and stress, and
  • An improved awareness and connection to her intuition.

Here are the results she experienced over the course of the first few months working together and then ongoing over the last 18 months:

  • Menstrual Cycle: Christina experienced better regularity and less blood clotting in the first few months of treatment. Within four months, she experienced a brighter, healthier color of blood and better flow in general, which she hadn’t experienced in years.
  • Energy and Stamina: Christina experienced more energy immediately following each treatment along with a “sense of calm and strength” that would endure for several days following treatment. In conjunction with her bi-weekly meditation and daily supplementation, she has experienced an increase in energy and stamina over the last 18 months and “it continues to improve everyday.”
  • Anxiety and Stress: Within the first few treatments, Christina experienced less anxiety and stress in her daily life. She also worked to manage her anxiety and stress on her own based on suggested exercises and regular reassessments, including identifying areas for
  • Intuition: After the first year of treatment, Christina wanted to connect to and be more aware of her intuition. In each session we reviewed progress she made, and feedback in the form of exercises was given for further improvement. She now says she “feels more connected to her intuition and is now able to look inside for answers to questions and for direction.”

lindy6Christina G. experienced the benefits of Shiatsu in every area that she was seeking assistance and vitality. It is through client experiences like these that Shiatsu proves time and time again to be a viable and effective treatment for those experiencing many types of mental or physical suffering. What once began as a treatment for simple muscular tension when it was first introduced to Western medicine has become something much more integrative. The benefits of Shiatsu have become more apparent, and it is now used for treating a variety of ailments and issues. These include the following:

  • Overall Weakness & Fatigue: Shiatsu can restore and maintain the body’s energy, helping those who suffer from overall weakness and fatigue.
  • Muscle Pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis: Shiatsu is frequently used to alleviate the muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis.
  • Injury Recovery: Shiatsu can aid in the recovery from sprains, fractures and other injuries.
  • Migraine Headaches: Shiatsu helps relieve headaches and migraines by relaxing the body and increasing blood flow and circulation throughout.
  • A Stiff Neck & Back: Shiatsu can reduce problems with the neck, shoulders and back, including sciatica.
  • Stress: Shiatsu can do wonders for a body and mind that is stressed. It can reduce stress and tension as well as anxiety and depression.
  • Reproductive Issues: Shiatsu can be used to aid women during their monthly cycles, especially to alleviate menstrual cramps and regulate blood flow.
  • Pregnancy: Shiatsu has been known to help women in labor and also to help babies turn in the womb. It can also help ease morning sickness and swelling.
  • Circulatory System: Shiatsu can help to improve circulation throughout the body, improving blood flow.
  • Digestive Disorders: By allowing food to digest more easily and aid in the elimination of waste, Shiatsu can benefit and improve your digestive system.
  • Skin: Shiatsu can stimulate circulation in the soft tissues of the skin, helping to keep skin soft and moist. This can in turn can give the skin a glow and prevent wrinkling.
  • Immune Support: Shiatsu can reduce the severity and frequency of coughs and colds, along with other sinus and respiratory problems.
  • Combines with other treatments: Shiatsu works well with other treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, chemotherapy, herbs and supplements.

lindy4A shiatsu treatment can last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. It can be administered on a padded mat on the floor or on a massage table. Typically, the treatment begins with gentle stretching and pressing to relax the muscles and stimulate the flow of energy. Depending on the needs of the person receiving the massage, it can be very gentle and calming or used with high pressure. However, it should never be painful. For more information regarding Shiatsu and to receive a treatment, contact Lindy Ferrigno here.

MEDICINES ARE IN YOUR KITCHEN Cooking With Antibiotic Culinary Herbs


Autumn has arrived with its promise of beauty. Oh, those amazing colorful leaves against exquisitely clear blue skies! But the change of seasons also comes with health challenges. Changes in the weather cause some measure of difficulty for our immune systems. Plus, the kids are back in school. That means exposure to germs and illness. And we become more vulnerable to catching a cold or flu. What can we do to protect ourselves and our families?



One thing that makes a lot of sense is to eat foods and herbs that have natural antibiotic qualities. We know that people have an increased resistance to pharmaceutical antibiotics these days. There is a wise response to this fact. And it is such an easy course of action to take. All we have to do is use foods and herbs as medicines when we cook. They can act as remedies when we are sick. And, more importantly, they promote the prevention of our most common health conditions.



Many herbs have antibiotic properties and other health benefits. Below, you will find a list of herbs that you can use on a daily or weekly basis. They taste good. They support and strengthen your immune function. You will enjoy both the added flavor and better health. So go ahead and cook with them this Fall!

Here are some excellent herbs to use, in no special order. BON APPETIT!

  • allspice
  • ginger
  • thyme
  • various mints
  • basil
  • cinnamon
  • sage
  • chervil
  • rosemary
  • lemon balm
  • oregano
  • cumin
  • tarragon
  • cloves
  • bay leaf
  • chili peppers
  • marjoram
  • caraway seed
  • coriander
  • dill, nutmeg
  • cardamom
  • pepper
  • anise
  • fennel
  • mustard
  • parsley
  • turmeric

For a couple of good seasonal recipes, one sweet and one savory, click here.


Do You Have the Personality of the FIRE ELEMENT?

polar bear flowersSummer is the time of the Fire Element. It is a time of celebrating and rejoicing in the beauty, fullness and fruition of life. The climate is hot and dry and the Earth is abundant in this season of maturity when plants blossom and bear fruit. It is a time when we relax and enjoy the bounty.

In Asian Medicine, Heart is the main organ of the Fire Element. It goes not only to the ability of the muscle in our chest to circulate blood, but also to the quality of our mind that finds joy in being calm and quiet. When it is in harmony, Heart displays an active body and a peaceful mind.

volleyballFire is very active by nature. Likewise, summer is naturally a season of peak outdoor activity. Hiking and swimming are great cardiovascular exercises. Asian medicine considers exercise to be as good for anxiety and depression as it is for circulation.

Fire represents a joyful and content spirit able to regulate and balance our emotions. When the Fire Element is balanced in us, we feel content. Even when our joy escalates to exuberance, we can act appropriately, always remembering to honor and respect our Mother Earth and fellow human beings. The Fire Element corresponds to the emotion translated as “Joy.” The concept of joy once was quite different from what we think of in these current American times. In ancient Asia it meant a sense of inner peace, which included harmonious relationships with family, friends, community, ancestors, nature, spirit, etc. A healthy Fire Element produces a powerful, yet gentle, inner strength that delights in being “spiritually fit.” Spiritual fitness means that we have enough heart, enough spirit, to develop and engage our whole self. That is why the recommended activity for tonifying the Fire Element is meditation.

girl meditating

Meditation makes it possible to perform the general functions of the Fire Element, namely, receiving, responding and adapting to life’s stimuli from the center of our core of peace. When we understand the Fire Element in this light, a more appropriate translation than “joy” might be “contentment.” This contented kind of joy arises from an inner awareness and appreciation of the beauty of our true Self. joyful meditating

The Fire-type Person – In balance, the Fire Element creates a person with a pretty good sense of who he is, and a personality that is generally compassionate and friendly. People with strong Fire energy dominant in their personalities may be quite charismatic. They are energetic and expressive, and excel at commanding others to action. They may love talking and socializing. They don’t like to be alone and they seek out the admiration and attention of others. Many are artistic. Fire personalities are also polite and easily able to reach out to others. They love pleasing others and are good at giving compliments.

Out of balance, you may find someone who is self-involved, tossed to and fro by the emotional ups and downs of life’s dramas (big or small, real or imagined), unable to find a moment’s peace of mind. The negative qualities associated with an excess of Fire in the personality include mood swings, restlessness and manipulative behavior.

heart, hands, sunsetOf course, anyone who endeavors to live up to his/her fullness will probably exhibit moods, at times, that are difficult for the people around them. At these times, we may have to ask: “Is this a situation where it is more appropriate to inhibit my response, or is this a time when I should ‘go for it’ and risk the consequences?” The answers need to come from a deep place of self-awareness – a place full of heart. That’s why meditation is considered the appropriate tonifying activity for Fire.

Common Fire Element complaints are: neck and shoulder pain, morning stiffness in the neck or low back, certain kinds of headaches, insomnia, easily overwhelmed, lack of concentration, obsessive thinking, anxiety, palpitations, poor digestion, poor circulation, and tingling in the fingers.

Common illnesses include: palpitations, hypertension, heart problems, and sores on the mouth and tongue.

When the Fire Element is weak in a person, they may stutter, talk too much and too rapidly, or laugh nervously. They may suffer from anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia. They may be too excitable, easily stimulated to excesses, and/or they may be emotionally cold and unfeeling.

People strongly influenced by the Fire Element may be vulnerable in very hot weather, and may be calmed and centered by walking. The flavor that goes with Fire is bitter. Coffee is a bitter flavor, but its effects may aggravate the Heart. The healthy bitter flavors include dark, green leafy vegetables.

Treatment for the Fire Element

Shiatsu techniques for neck, shoulder and back pain, and headaches are amazingly effective. If you see a chiropractor, they will also increase the benefits of your treatment. For those of you who suffer bouts of insomnia, there is a special technique developed especially for calming the mind and spirit that really helps with sleep. Several clients have reported being able to decrease the dosage of medicines taken for high blood pressure, anxiety and heartburn with regular Shiatsu treatments. Others have needed the combination of Shiatsu and herbs. I can recommend an herbalist for you.

Shiatsu relaxes and strengthens the mind and body, making it easy to create and maintain healthy, positive energy. It promotes a balanced “self,” able to assess, interpret, and respond from the heart to life’s events. The purpose of my work, besides relieving pain, is to foster this expanded sense of self that sees the beauty in our own being and in everything around us.

Chakra Development offers a moving meditation that increases both yin and yang energy and nourishes our central core.

DNA Activation frees up and increases physical and mental energy. It restores the divine blueprint of perfect health and clears our thoughts and emotions.

Recommendations for the Fire Element Season of Summer

* Millet is the most beneficial grain for the Fire energy. It is light, very quick and easy to fix, and even kids like it!

* Eat fruits with red flesh, like berries, plums and especially watermelon.

* Summer is a great time to soak in the sunshine vitamin: Vitamin D. Studies show that 70% of American children and adults seriously lack Vitamin D. Low Vitamin D levels leave us at risk for skin cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and even rickets. Milk and dairy products are not enough to fill in the gap, so consider vitamin supplementation and/or get your 10-15 minutes of sunshine a day – without sunscreen. That is all you need. After that, rub on the sunscreen for the rest of the day.

sunsetHealth Tips for Summer

* If you apply Asian medical nutrition to local American foods, watermelon not only tastes great and is refreshing, it also helps prevent heat stroke and keeps you hydrated. Now you have even more reasons to appreciate and enjoy this wonderful summer delight!

* Just a reminder about leaving bottled water in the car: the amount of heat that accumulates in the car when the sun is streaming in through the windows causes chemicals from the plastic to leach into the water. These chemicals are especially dangerous to women, as research indicates a link to breast cancer. Sheryl Crow made many public appearances after her bout with breast cancer to educate the public about this fact. You will give a great gift when you share this information with you mother, daughter, wife or girlfriend, and any women you know.