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Every season is a gift from the Creator with its own special purpose. Winter is the season for quiet. For stillness. For restoring reserves. As the light wanes and the days grow colder, the season of stillness wraps around us like a down comforter. In nature, the seed lies deep under the earth, undisturbed. Although it seems dormant, special changes are taking place within the seed, preparing it to develop and shoot up strong in the Spring. Interrupting or interfering with this important process during its cultivation stage puts the seed at risk of never realizing its full maturation. So we allow it to remain secluded and sheltered to develop in peace and quiet.  That is what is appropriate and needed for this stage.

Likewise, there is a place deep within the very center of our consciousness where our soul develops. It is the place of awareness of our authentic essence. Winter is the perfect season to reconnect with your original self, your true soul essence, and to rest in its power and beauty. It’s a time to foster this profound awareness – quietly, peacefully, perhaps with ritual or ceremony. And Yule is perfect for ritual because it arrives right at the deepest point – the very center – of the season. We feel the need to go within and incubate the seeds of our heart’s desire. To remain quiet and undisturbed. To create. To cradle our hopes and dreams in the protected place of our inner stillness.  To tenderly embrace our soul as it matures and grows toward the light.

In the story of the goddess and god (who both had grown old by the Fall season), the god voluntarily gave up his life in the Autumn to sustain the people. He became the seed of grain in the womb of the goddess (the earth), who has once again become the Great Mother and will give birth to the new Sun King. He has been incubating in her womb since Autumn and will be born again at Yule, the Winter Solstice. From his birth at Yule, the sun’s light grows stronger and the days get longer. The goddess will nurture her son and keep him sheltered until she presents him to the world at Candlemas, heralding the beginning of Spring.

For your ritual, lighting candles is fitting – maybe even necessary – as this holiday is one of the fire festivals.  After all, it signals the return of the light to the world. Put yourself in a meditative state and ask yourself, “What do I instinctively do to stay connected to my light? How do I keep my light burning during this darkest and coldest of seasons?” Then, spark the embers of your soul with a new creation. You might write a poem or story; sing your gratitude with tones and sounds that come from the depths of your heart; paint a picture that brings you to the feeling of stillness and peace; write a prayer; gracefully move or dance in a way that makes you feel both tender and strong.

Whatever your creation, offer it to Creation Source with your deepest respect for the power of life. Life is the power that shines the sun and stars; swirls the seas and grows the trees. It is the power that pumps your heart and circulates your blood. It is the power that molds your muscles and shapes your brain. It is the power that keeps you alive. This is the season for Life to take those long deep breaths of restorative sleep. So let yourself rest. Contemplate. Meditate.  Embrace the dark.

The magical paradox of Winter Solstice is that it is both the longest night of the year and, simultaneously, the return of the light to the Earth. The pure white snow falls and blankets the land in a special stillness that protects all new life incubating within the Earth Mother. It signals us to get quiet. To go within. To seek peace. We rest. We recharge. We incubate the dream that lies growing in power and beauty within us, reconnecting us with our own soul’s essence.

The Longest Night initiates the Light!
The Longest Night gives way to the dawn of new Light!
This Solstice, may you welcome your new light within!

Blessed Yule!!

RECIPES for YULE WASSAIL "Be of Good Health!"

Wassail is derived from the Anglo-Saxon wes hál, meaning ‘be whole’, or ‘be of good health’, or Old Norse ves heill, and was a salutation used at Yule, when the wassail bowl was passed around with toasts and singing.  Drinking Wassail meant drinking in good health.  Wassail carols would be sung as people would travel from house to house in the village, bringing good wishes in return for a small gratuity. The Apple Tree Wassail was sung in hopes of a good crop of cider the following year.  And others, such as the Gower Wassail carol, still survive today.  So, here we go a-wassailing . . .

Yule Wassail

3 red apples
3 oz brown sugar
2 pints brown ale, apple cider, or hard cider
1/2 pint dry sherry or dry white wine
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ginger strips or lemon peel
Core and heat apples with brown sugar and some of the ale or cider in an oven for 30 minutes. Put in large pan and add rest of spices and lemon peel, simmer on stove top of 5 minutes. Add most of the alcohol at the last minute so it heats up but does not evaporate. Burgundy and brandy can be substituted to the ale and sherry. White sugar and halved oranges may also be added to taste.
Makes enough for eight.

Traditional Holiday Wassail – Hot Apple Cider

1/2-gal cider (8 C)
2 C orange juice
1 C lemon juice
5 C pineapple juice
1 tsp whole cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
Combine all ingredients in a large pot.  Bring to a simmer.  Strain and serve hot in coffee cups or mugs.
About 20 servings


Hello Shiatsu Practitioners!

I’m very excited about the way this May 7-10, 2020 master course for shiatsu practitioners is shaping up.  We will once again be at the beautiful Siena Retreat Center in Racine, WI.  I don’t yet have the final draft of the flyer, nor is the workshop fully fleshed out.  But people who have been to previous retreats will attest that the classes are very “spirit driven.”  And what I’m hearing from Spirit is to bring forth a very advanced and specialized body of information.

Here is a taste of what’s been coming through:

  • Discern differences between meridian energy and other types of energy, (muscle energy, organ energy, chakra energy, etc.)
  • Distinguish between physical & emotional energy in the same meridian (e.g. determining if GB meridian is indicating tight shoulders or anger management issues)
  • Experience and assess expansive and contractive states of energy
  • Learn proper body alignment for working in the expansive state
  • Heighten, deepen and strengthen your sensitivities for directly experiencing meridian energy
  • Interpret the information coming through the meridian energy
  • Confidently direct your client’s energy to balance and harmonize
  • Establish a beneficial change in your client’s energy pattern that they will be able to repeat and maintain on their own
  • Review and refine meridian locations and angles of palpation (of course! it’s the #1 essential, never-ending, continually on-going practice of dedicated practitioners!)

This will be our third annual Residential Workshop Retreat.  It is, unfortunately, the last year these significantly discounted rates will be available.  I’ve heard that, next year, prices will have to be closer to the true 4-day value of $1,300.00.  However, I will definitely try to negotiate that down!  In the meantime, please feel free to take advantage of this year’s lower prices.

Workshop fees include private room with bath, 3 meals per day, plus instruction with supplemental materials, and 25 CEUs.  Several deadlines for payment are available.  If it makes things easier, you can schedule a payment plan in advance by talking with me before the earliest due date of 3/13/20.  Credit cards are accepted, subject to an additional $25.00 processing fee.  Below are the fees according to registration date:

by this due date
amount due
3/13/20 $697.00
4/1/20 $740.00
4/17/20 $787.00
Aft 4/17 $830.00

The retreat ends at 1PM on Mothers’ Day, so you have a couple of options for celebrating:

  • You can ask your family to wait for you until you get home, or
  • You can invite them to join you for lunch at Siena, followed by a nice walk in the Labyrinth or around the lake.

Just let me know how many extra lunches you would like to order.

I’ll be sending you more exact details in the next newsletter at Candlemas (Feb.2).

May Beauty, Peace and Abundance be your constant companions ~

Grandmother WinterJade

WALKING THE FOUR DIRECTIONS in 4 Weekends Embark on a Journey to Recall Your Deeper Truth and Purpose

If you’ve been thinking “I know there’s got to be more to life than this” and are looking for that “extra something” that will put you on your path, WALKING THE FOUR DIRECTIONS puts you on a clear path to your truth and purpose.


1/31 – 2/2 – Meet Your 5 Personal Spirits to Make Your Life Intentional & Joyful


3/20-22 – Charge Your Chakras to Clear Stuck Emotional Energy


6/5-7 – Journey Through Space and Time to Retrieve Missing Soul Pieces


7/31-8/2 – Activate Your Divine Blueprint for Youth, Vitality & Rejuvenation

Class limit: 12 Participants

Each weekend meets Friday, 6-9PM and Saturday & Sunday, 10AM-5PM

For registration and details on each Journey, go to

Grandmother WinterJade Forest is an ordained priest in the Cherokee tradition.  For 15 years – with gratitude, reverence and humor – she has lead individuals and groups on traditional Journeys to discover their birthright from Creator . . . that they are able to realize the beauty and power they hold within themselves for the good of all.


January 31 – February 2  ~  Fri, 6-9PM  ~  Sat & Sun, 10AM-5PM

Do you need more physical & emotional “oomph” to move toward that “extra something” you want in your life?  Do you long to get back in touch with your original joyful spirit?  Forging a relationship with your 5 Personal Spirits helps you stay strong and live your life with intention.  They protect you from giving your energy away.  And they’ll keep others from taking it from you, too!

  • Your Anima attaches your soul to your body
  • Your Biological Spirit keeps you strong and healthy
  • Your Social Spirit helps you function well in society
  • Your professional Spirit brings you skill and luck
  • Your Soul develops your wisdom for making good life choices

For registration and more information, contact Grandmother WinterJade Forest:


The Walking the Four Directions  series of 4 weekends: $1,370.00 with early registration.          A payment schedule is available with early registration ~Each separate weekend: $445.00       Contact Grandmother by January 6th for early registration.


march 20 – 22  ~ Fri, 6-9PM  ~  Sat & Sun, 10AM-5PM

Do you sometimes feel you really just need to escape the grip your emotions have on you? Clearing your Chakras will loosen that grip.  And charging up your Chakras will lighten your mood so that you can get out from under the weight of their heaviness.

  • Ÿ Increase the vibrational strength and spin of your Chakras
  • Bring forth the spiritual energy that clears emotional blockages
  • Cultivate the clear, clean, intelligent flow of your thoughts and feelings
  • Improve the health of your emotions in your body, mind and spirit

For registration and more information, contact Grandmother WinterJade Forest:


The Walking the Four Directions  series of 4 weekends: $1,370.00 with early registration.         A payment schedule is available with early registration ~Each separate weekend: $445.00       Contact Grandmother by January 6th for early registration.

THE WEST – Healing Journey Through Space and Time to Retrieve Lost Pieces of Your Soul

June 5 – 7  ~ Fri, 6-9PM  ~  Sat & Sun, 10AM-5PM

Do you ever feel that parts of yourself are missing?  That you gave away pieces of yourself to someone before you noticed?  Or had them stolen from you?  Learn to retrieve lost soul pieces & get yourself back!  You know it’s happened if you:

  • Feel someone has a part of you that you want back
  • Find yourself exhausted after interacting with particular people
  • Give too much of yourself when caring for or interacting with others
  • Have never been the same since a certain experience or trauma

For registration and more information, contact Grandmother WinterJade Forest:


The Walking the Four Directions  series of 4 weekends: $1,370.00 with early registration.  A payment schedule is available with early registration ~Each separate weekend: $445.00       Contact Grandmother by January 6th for early registration.

The NORTH – Guidance Activate Your Divine Blueprint for Youth, Vitality & Rejuvenation

July 31 – August 2 Fri, 6-9PM  ~  Sat & Sun, 10AM-5PM

Would you like to feel more youthful, vital and energized?  Would like to hear your inner guidance, loud and clear, and know you can rely on it?

Your DNA houses your Divine Blueprint of perfection.  When you activate it,  every cell in your body begins to generate its own light energy.  Every cell routinely regenerates and returns to a state of purity and health. 

REACTIVATECellular Growth and Repair

REJUVENATEEvery Cell In Your Body

RESTOREYouthful Health and Vitality

For registration and more information, contact Grandmother WinterJade Forest:


The Walking the Four Directions  series of 4 weekends: $1,370.00 with early registration.  A payment schedule is available with early registration ~Each separate weekend: $445.00       Contact Grandmother by January 6th for early registration.

MARINATED SKIRT STEAK Marinated skirt steak is more tender

On a personal note, I happen to like marinated skirt steak quite a lot, but I have learned that the longer it cooks the tougher it gets.  For this reason, the common wisdom is that it is best prepared rare or medium rare.  Whatever your preference, you’ll want to serve it sliced very thin after cooking. Here’s the recipe:


  • 2 T tamari
  • 2 T Olive oil
  • ½ lemon juiced
  • 2-3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tsp oregano

Combine the marinade ingredients for 1½ lb. skirt steak in zip lock bag. Add steak and turn to coat both sides. Marinate in the marinade for anywhere from a few hours up to 3 days.  [Feel free to add S & P (even Worcestershire sauce, if you like) to the marinade – or you can leave it out of the marinade and let each person add it to taste on their plate.]


  1. Preheat oven to 450, or prepare grill.
  2. Cook for 6-9 minutes on one side, depending on how well done you like your steak.
  3. Flip the steak over and cook for half the time of the first side (if grilling, grill the steak for 6-7 minutes on each side).
  4. Cut steak across the grain and serve.

Here are some helpful hints for cooking skirt steak: 4 Quick Steps; and How To Cook It Perfectly.

And check out the recipe for Sautéed Teriyaki Mushrooms. It’s the perfect complement!

SAUTÉED TERIYAKI MUSHROOMS Sautéed Teriyaki Mushrooms go with everything!

Sautéed mushrooms are so delicious and flavorful. If you love mushrooms like I do, you can literally pair these Teriyaki Mushrooms with anything or even better, put them on top of everything – steak, burgers, chicken, fish, salads, potatoes, rice, and  so many different dishes.  Like this Marinated Skirt Steak recipe:


  • 3T olive oil
  • 3T butter
  • 1 lb. button mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 clove garlic, thinly sliced
  • 1 T red cooking wine
  • 1 T teriyaki sauce, or more to taste
  • ¼ tsp garlic salt, or to taste
  • Freshly ground black pepper to taste


  1. Heat olive oil and butter in a large saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Cook and stir mushrooms, garlic, cooking wine, teriyaki sauce, garlic salt, and black pepper in the hot oil and butter until mushrooms are lightly browned, about 5 minutes.
  3. Reduce heat to low and simmer until mushrooms are tender, 5 to 8 more minutes.